HOTEL HACIENDA DE ABAJO ~ Calle de Unamuno, 11 - 38770 Villa y Puerto de Tazacorte, LA PALMA, Islas Canarias (España)

T.: (+34) 922 40 60 00 ~ F.: (+34) 922 48 08 94 · info@hotelhaciendadeabajo.com ~ CONTACTO


At Hacienda de Abajo we are committed to and look after our staff, as we see them as a cornerstone for achieving excellence. That's why we provide ongoing training for them, pay salaries corresponding to their categories and employ a proportion of workers with a permanent contract well above the industry average.

No outsourcing:Commitment to provide our employees with a fair salary and financial stability, without outsourcing departments such as housekeeping.

Personal and professional development: We support and encourage training and in-house promotion for the development of highly competent professionals in the tourism industry.

Collaboration: We collaborate with training and professional integration centres on our island.

Job creation:The unique characteristics of this hotel have enabled the creation of unconventional specialised jobs at hotels in the Canary Islands. In fact, the conservation of the art collection called for the recruitment of a professional restorer, while our team of specialist botanists care for the plants and botanical rarities in our gardens.

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