HOTEL HACIENDA DE ABAJO ~ Calle de Unamuno, 11 - 38770 Villa y Puerto de Tazacorte, LA PALMA, Islas Canarias (España)

T.: (+34) 922 40 60 00 ~ F.: (+34) 922 48 08 94 · info@hotelhaciendadeabajo.com ~ CONTACTO


Since we opened in 2012 and even during the construction of our property, the Hacienda de Abajo has been a benchmark in the economic and social development of La Palma and the Canary Islands:

- Urban heritage:With the restoration of the seventeenth-centurysugar plantation, we chose to enhance the island's heritage, giving a new lease of life to our history and revitalising a previously neglected area. In the new buildings, we used doors, windows, wooden supports and other architectural elements from the seventeenth to the nineteenth centuries (a total of 113 doors and 151 windows). This restoration earned us the Hispania Nostra Award for the Conservation of Cultural Heritage, as well as the Tourism Medal for Sustainability and Quality.

Resources:In the construction phase of the additions and new buildings, the gaps of doors and windows were adapted to the collection of such elements previously acquired and catalogued; the installations were integrated into the architectural complex using elements of the traditional Canarian architecture; the deteriorated architectural elements were restored by a team of specialised carpenters and stonemasons, which kept these trades alive in the region during a period of critical economic crisis; and materials was carefully selected so that they were similar to those traditionally used (for example, wood, stone or mud), giving priority to the artisanal treatment of elements (for example, new roofs with tiles made in a traditional furnace).

- Cultural and natural heritage: The Hotel Hacienda de Abajo is the greatest contribution to the island's artistic heritage since the seventeenth century and the creation of the most important botanical gardens in La Palma.

Local products: Partnership with traditional and local producers to incentivise the island economy and showcase its products to our international guests.

Associations: Active membership in local initiatives and associations for business, culinary and cultural development of the island of La Palma and Spain (La Palma Culinary Association, La Palma Association for Tourism Development, Foundation of Historic Houses, Hispania Nostra, etc.).

What's more, our project plays a key role in promoting culture. In addition to loaning works of art for exhibitions and fostering scientific exchanges with botanists from all over the world, the former hacienda is the perfect setting for classical and contemporary music recitals.

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