HOTEL HACIENDA DE ABAJO ~ Calle de Unamuno, 11 - 38770 Villa y Puerto de Tazacorte, LA PALMA, Islas Canarias (España)

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The Gardens

The Gardens

The Gardens

The former walled orchard of the hacienda stretched from behind the Casa Principal of Tazacorte to the present-day Casa Massieu. In addition to vegetables, there were trees

(fig, orange, lemon, quince, blackberry, etc.) and banana plantations, the first ever in La Palma and which were first recorded back in 1613.

Today, the hotel gardens - located on the former orchard of the hacienda - feature exotic plants and botanical rarities, as well as Canarian native species, spread across two asymmetrical areas of ornamental parterres, with pergolas, fountains, a pond and benches, as well as a swimming pool similar to the bygone ponds that were used for irrigation yet had a clear decorative function. Akin to the ruins that adorned European gardens, there's  what appears to be an old sugar mill, as Juan Manuel de Silva painted in the eighteenth century, but which is now the hotel's modern equipment room.

In one of the best climates on Earth, trees, shrubs, flowers and plants of all climates intermingle to form one of the typical botanical gardens of yesteryear that popularised rare plant species from America and Africa in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, and which today delight visitors with stunning views and the warmth of an exceptional climate.

Water of extraordinary quality flowing from the springs and galleries of La Caldera de Taburiente National Park arrives to water the gardens through a modern irrigation network that uses ancient watercourses and aqueducts. This is yet another example of the enterprising idiosyncrasy of an island where humans live in perfect harmony with luxuriant nature.

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