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Commitment to the environment

Our values: sustainability and responsibility

In accordance with our values in favour of the preservation of the environment and sustainability, at Hotel Hacienda de Abajo we are committed to respectful, responsible tourism that is committed to the preservation of the environment. We carry out a series of measures aimed at favouring permanent recycling, the elimination of bio-waste and the reduction of our carbon footprint, among others. 

Recycling and waste disposal

Recycling in tourist establishments is fundamental to achieve a reduction in pollution and a better use of resources, as well as the preservation of the environment.

At Hotel Hacienda de Abajo we carry out a responsible management of waste, through selective collection, as well as a permanent recycling policy. We consciously recycle our bio-waste and are committed to the sustainable development objectives of La Palma, recognised by UNESCO as a World Biosphere Reserve. 

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Food waste management
and reduction of the carbon footprint

Con el objetivo de aprovechar los residuos orgánicos producidos en el hotel, disponemos de nuestra propia sala de residuos alimentarios. Mediante el compostaje, no solo minimizamos la huella de carbono, sino que una parte de este compost es convertido en biogás.

Además, muchos agricultores locales pueden emplearlo en sus suelos y fincas agrarias. ¡Nosotros también lo utilizamos en nuestros jardines! 

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Soaps for social engagement

In 2018, the European Union voted to eliminate single-use plastics by 2021, an important step towards reducing ocean pollution. Currently? 91% of used plastics are not recycled?and a large number of them end up adrift in the high seas. As well as destroying the beauty of our beaches and coral reefs, this puts marine wildlife at risk. Animals can mistake small pieces of plastic for food or get trapped in larger plastic?

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We have been recognised in 2022 for the initiative of entrepreneurs who have carried out activities in rural areas, contributing to the fight against climate change, the defence of biodiversity or the implementation of the circular economy in this area.

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