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The gardens

The secret paradise

The hacienda's old orchard, surrounded by a wall, stretched from behind the Casa Principal de Tazacorte to the present-day Casa Massieu, and in it, in addition to vegetables, trees were planted (fig, orange, lemon, quince, mulberry, etc.) and "platanales", whose existence on this estate is recorded, and also for the first time on La Palma, in the Partición Grande or de Vandale of 1613.

With the passage of time, the orchard has become a garden where exotic species from all over the world acclimatise in one of the best climates in the world, irrigated with water from the Caldera de Taburiente, now a national park.

Today the hotel's garden, located in the hacienda's old orchard, contains exotic plants and botanical rarities, as well as endemic Canarian species, distributed in two areas of irregular flowerbeds, with pergolas, fountains, ponds and benches, as well as a swimming pool similar to the old ponds which, in addition to being used for irrigation, had a clear ornamental function..

In one of the best climates on Earth, trees, shrubs, flowers and plants from all climates intermingle to form one of those ancient acclimatisation gardens that contributed so much to the spread of rare plant species from America and Africa throughout the 18th and 19th centuries and which today delight visitors, who enjoy the warmth of an exceptional climate, in the first major private garden to be created on La Palma since the 19th century.